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  • A glass of water – Reflection and transparency are some of the hardest things to master.

  • A pile of unfolded laundry – Folds and values galore. Throw those clothes up in the air and draw them how they land.

  • Use with your non-dominant hand – If you’re right-handed, sketch an object with your left hand.

  • Your hands – There’s a great subject waiting for you at the end of your arm. You always have it with you, so there’s no excuse here.

  • Your art supplies – Brushes, paint tubes, etc. are also great subjects for practice.

  • A person laying down – You can always sneak up to someone sleeping to pull this one off.

  • A person sitting in a chair – Grab a friend to pose for you.

  • Different types of trees – Get outside with your sketchbook and find a nice shady spot.

  • A caricature of yourself – This one is a little different from drawing yourself as a cartoon. You’re going to need a mirror.

  • Your favorite pet – If you haven’t got a pet, then here’s a good reason to get one.

  • A copy of your favorite master’s painting – What artists inspire you? Find one of their artworks and make a sketchy copy.

  • A crumpled piece of paper – What a great challenge! Look closely for all of the tonal changes. This one is sure to help improve your shading skills.

  • A brown paper bag – Think the crumpled piece of paper was a challenge? This one is even tougher!

  • An old person’s face – Find an image of an older person that you know. All of those wrinkles should be a challenge, but oh what character and interest!

  • An old radio – Only if you can find one.

  • An old car – I’m talking really old here. If you see one out in a field – even better. Take photos whenever you come across a subject that may make a great piece of art.

  • Tree bark up close – All of those wonderful textures!

  • A pile of rocks – Look for the basic shapes first and then add the values and textures.

  • A cup of pencils – Put at least three pencils in a cup and start sketching.

  • A pine cone – A simple object from nature with all kinds of complexity.

  • Your favorite sea creature – What’s your favorite creature that lives in the deep?

  • Hung drapery – Take a sheet and hang it from a door or wall and set up a strong light source. Get lost in all of the folds.

  • A water sprinkler – As an added challenge, sketch it with water coming out.

  • Water that is reflective – The key here is the elements around the water. They should be reflected in your image.

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